The 4th Jessup Summer School Marked Our 10th Anniversary in Jessup as National Organizer

The 4th Jessup Summer School marked our 10th anniversary in Jessup as National Organizer. During this time, we were able to shape an event, which for sure has changed the life of hundreds of law students and has set a high bar for further Jessup events in Ukraine and abroad.

Since 1996, Ukrainian National Rounds of Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition have gathered 164 teams from all over Ukraine. From two teams in 1996, we were able to introduce Jessup to all the leading legal schools in Ukraine. Jessup Ukraine has influenced the lives of more than 500 law students, who succeed in private and public sectors in Ukraine and abroad. We have created Jessup Summer School – a place where qualified lawyers and coaches introduce law students to Jessup Competition and teach how to moot professionally.

We want to express sincere gratitude to each Jessuper: participants, coaches, judges, bailiffs, and volunteers! You helped us through the years to make Jessup truly a memorable legal event in Ukraine!