Marchenko Partners’ lawyers contributed to an Amicus Curiae Brief for the Supreme Court

On 31 December 2021, the Working Group of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association submitted to the Civil Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court a jointly prepared Amicus Curiae Brief in respect of Alkodis v. Agat-A proceedings (No. 824/152/2).

This case raises an important issue for the effective enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Ukraine, namely the wording to be used by courts in operative sections of decisions and writs of execution.  The working group concluded that issuing a writ of execution that specifically provides for recovery of sums from the debtor ensures effective enforcement of arbitral awards obliging debtors to pay a certain amount of money.

Nick Yurlov, Anastasiia Kotliarchuk, Tatiana Yushchenko, and Sofia Kurochka of Marchenko Partners took part in the Working Group together with Ukrainian and English arbitration lawyers.

The full text of Amicus Curiae Brief (in Ukrainian) is here: https://cutt.ly/QItQOvZ.