We Strike a Delicate Balance between the Business Interests of Employers and Lawful Rights of Employees

Marchenko Partners has a strong focus on employment-related matters. We advise our Clients on internal policies, employment and termination strategies, remuneration schemes. Our team has thorough experience in conducting labor due diligence and further preparing compliance policies best suited for the Clients’ business needs. We every day deliver legal solutions to our Clients on various other employment-related matters, which include preparation of white-collar matters, IP protection, confidentiality matters, non-compete provisions, staff outsourcing, etc.

We almost always work for employers. At the same time, Marchenko Partners has always been adherent to ensuring that employees’ interests are taken into account in the course of settling contentious issues. We always comply with employment laws.

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We represent our Clients in employment-related disputes, including disputes with trade unions. We almost always work on employers’ side. Thus, we always take into account employees’ interests which in many cases helps to settle contentious issues at early stages and save Clients` resources.

We conduct internal investigations and carefully review Client`s internal documents and processes searching for employees` malpractices. We often advise Client`s on white-collar crime issues which arise in cases when local managers / hired employees put their personal financial interests before company`s ones.

We help our Clients to avoid employment-related issues tomorrow by making their employment-related documents perfect today. We provide bespoke solutions which include tailored remuneration and incentive programs, IP and confidentiality protection clauses etc.

We review Clients` internal processes and documents and define weakest spots in order to further strengthen them. Our solutions help to guide our Client`s through hurdles of Ukrainian employment regulations.


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labor-management solutions